Itronix A Scan

Probe Frequency 10 MHz
Accuracy: -+0.1 mm
Weight 1.3Kg
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimension 17.2x185x208
Gain 99db
Ultrasonic Frequency 10MHz
Probubg Depth Axis measurement =40mm
Display Screen 6.5 inchcolour touch-screen
Velocity Typical Sound velocity 1641,1532
Input Power 30VA
Cartridge Fuse Model T500mA 250V (internal)
Measuring Accuracy Average relative Error =0.05mm
Relative Humidity 15°C~30°C
Atmosphere Pressure =85%

Product Description

  • Show actual value and deviation at the same time
  • Sensitive, convenient, accurate and fast measurement
  • The Probe service life is long, better cost performance Point and surface point measurement
  • Cabinet and delicate footswitch, convenient operation

A-Scan Bio meter measurement integration of AL measurement and IOL calculation. reading average and standard deviation improve reading accuracy and liability 4 automatic measuring mode: normal. Cataract, aphakic and special.

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