Auto Refractometer Q30+

Brand Matronix
Monitor : 5.7 inch TFT Color LCD
Weight : 18 Kg
Power Supply : AC 110-240V; 50/60HZ
Built In Printer : imported thermal printer
Battery Saving Mode : 5 Minutes without operation

The AUTO REFRACTOMETER Q30+ is an advanced optical device designed for precise and efficient vision assessments. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, it provides accurate measurements of refractive errors, helping optometrists and ophthalmologists deliver optimal vision correction solutions. With user-friendly controls and fast operation, the Q30+ enhances the diagnostic process, making it an essential tool in modern optometric practices.

Corneal Measurement:-

Corneal Curvature Radius : 5~10mm (0.01mm)

Corneal Diopter : (33.00-67.00) D,(0.12/0.25D)

Corneal Astigmatism : (0.00~-15.00) D (0.12/0.25D)

Axial : 1°-180°

Size : 275(W)X 475(D) X 465(H)

Corneal Diameter : 2.0-12.00mm

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