Portable Vision Screen

Brand i-tronix
Display 7-inch LCD touch screen
Measuring Distance 98±3cm
Spherical Power -8D(error:±0.25D)
Cylindrical Power -3.5Dto3.50D(error:±0.250)
Measuring Time <15s
Data Transmission Wi-fi transmission

The Portable Vision Screen is a cutting-edge optical device designed to provide accurate and convenient vision assessments in various settings. Compact and lightweight, it boasts a sleek, ergonomic design that ensures ease of use and portability.

Key features include:

High-definition Display: Utilizes advanced optics to deliver clear and sharp visual results.

User-friendly Interface: Intuitive controls allow for effortless operation by both professionals and users.

Adjustable Settings: Offers customizable settings to accommodate different testing requirements and user preferences.

Portability: Compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to transport and set up in diverse environments, from clinics to community outreach programs.

Accurate Measurements: Provides precise vision measurements, ensuring reliable diagnostic capabilities.

Battery Operated: Runs on rechargeable batteries, enabling extended use without the need for constant charging.

IR:Wavelength: 850nm Charging Port: USB port Input:100to240V,50/60Hz,35VA; output:5v,2A Battery Life: About 5 Hours Operating Frequencies: 2.4-2.484GHz IEEE Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n Security: Support WPA2-PSK/WPA/None

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