Magnification 1.65
Adjustable Haidingers Brush 50-100 Round / Minute
Coruscation Form Manual or Automatical
Automatical Coruscation Freque Ten-step,30-300 Times / Minute
Range Of Automatic Coruscation 1/4 on 3/4 off,1/2on 1/2 off,3/4 on 1/4 off
Diameter Of Visual Field 56mm
Red Light Wave Ength 640 nm
Left And Right Tubes Around Er concourse 50 Degree,radiation 40
Left And Right Tubes Around Ho -/+ 30 Degree
Pictures Of Left And Right Can -/+ 20
Adjustable Range Of Pupil Dist 45-75 mm
Darkroom Illumination LED luminophore with symmetry design
Usage Hospital
Bran Matronix

Product Description

Synoptophore is a kind of diagnostic and remedial equipment. This is used to diagnose & treat binocular functions, such as strabismus, amblyopia, diplopia, etc., It is highly user friendly and available in the weight of 61 kg.

Magnification: 1.65×

The diameter of Visual Field: =56mm

Red light wavelength=640nm

Left and right tubes around an erect axis: concourse 50°, radiation 40°

Left and right tubes around a horizontal axis: ±30°

Pictures of left and right can be moved up and down according to axis: ±10?

Pictures of left and right can be moved up and down around the optical axis: ±20°

Adjustable range of pupil distance: 45-75mm

Darkroom illumination: LED luminophor with symmetry design

Adjustable Haidingers Brush: 50-100round/ minute

Coruscation form: manual or automatical

Automatical coruscation frequency: ten-step, 30-300times/minute.

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