Automatic Perimeter

Brand Matronix
Spherical Radius :175mm± 5mm
Stimulus Light Intensity 0-10000asb (±10%)
Projection Light red, blue, white (wideband visible light)
Dynamic Range 0-51DB
Background Light yellow and white

An automatic perimeter represents the pinnacle of precision in modern vision testing technology. Utilizing advanced optics and computerized systems, it offers unparalleled accuracy in assessing the visual field of patients. By systematically mapping the entire range of peripheral vision, automatic perimeters aid in the early detection and monitoring of various ocular conditions such as glaucoma, retinal diseases, and neurological disorders affecting vision.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Captures detailed visual field data with clarity and precision.
  • Automated Testing Protocols: Streamlines the testing process for efficient patient care.
  • Customizable Test Parameters: Allows adaptation to specific diagnostic needs and patient conditions.
  • Intuitive Software Interface: Provides comprehensive analysis and graphical representation of visual field results.
  • Patient Comfort: Ergonomic design and non-invasive testing procedures ensure a comfortable experience.


Automatic perimeters are indispensable tools in optometric and ophthalmologic practices, facilitating early diagnosis, treatment planning, and ongoing monitoring of visual health. Their integration into clinical workflows enhances diagnostic accuracy and patient care outcomes, making them essential in managing vision-related conditions effectively.

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