Hand Held Keratometer

Measuring Range 6.5mm~95mm curvature radius.
Brand Itronix
Center Measuring Area Of Corne 3mm~4mm
Precision Of Curvature Radius ±0.05mm
Digital Display Resolution Of 0.01mm
Weight <0.5kg
Dimension 240mm-30mm-60mm

Radial deviation of the measurement of the main meridian a) curvature radius deviation of the main mendian ≤0.3mm, measurement of main meridian axial deviation ±4": b) curvature radius deviation of the main meridian 0.3mm. measurement of main meridian axialdeviation ±2": Output: Wireless infrared thermal printer, Voltage DC4.5V (three AA battery)

Digital Display Resolution of curvature radius: 0.01mm; Precision of curvature radius of comes: ±0.05mm; Assal resolution of the main meridian: 1";

Rated input power 500mW+15%

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