Operating Microscope

Light Source Single Output 12v/100w Or 15v150w Cold REflector Halogen Lamp With Standby Lamp and Holder
Total Of View With 175Mm Objec 4,5,9,15,23
Total Of View With 200Mm Objec 3,5,8,13,20
Horizontal Length Of Arms: 900mm
I Deal In: New Only
Inclination To Vertical: 45 off vertical
Intensity: 800,000 Lux
Interpupillary Distance: Adjustable from 52 mm – 75 mm
Is It Portable: Portable
Light Ttanmission: Fiber optic cable
Material: Metal
Mobility: On Five Caster Wheels
Net Weight: 65 kgs (Apptox )
Power Supply: AC 220-240 Volts or 110v on request
Rotation Of Arm: 355 wirh lock
Standard Accessories: Dust cover,main cable,asepsis caps
Swivel Range Of Control Panel: 360
Vertical Height: Minimum 1220mm , Maximum 1625mm
Warranty: 1 Year
Working Distance: 175mm or 200mm

Product Description

Our Manual Surgical Operating Microscope is now fitted with an optical head assembly. 0Manual focusing and positioning with the help of a 320 rotatable counterbalanced gas spring-loaded arm. It also helps easy variable angle viewing. Coaxial illumination did through the fiber-optic light guide (cable) from a TWIN BULB, 15V/ 120W Halogen Lamp light source. Intensity is continuously variable from minimum to maximum and vice versa. Provision is available for Photography and CCTV camera (both for monitoring and/ or recording images), assistant’s microscope and monocular observation tube. Stable floor stand on four/ five castor- wheels for easy mobility. The table mount is also available instead of the floor stand.

Automation Grade : Automatic
Brand : Rumax
Brightness : continuously variable

Color : White

Dimensions of base : Circular-600mm Diameter

Diopter Adjustment : FROM +6 TO -6
Eye pieces : 10 x Wide Field
Fild Of view With 175mm Objective : 55,36,22,14,9
Eye pieces : 10 x Wide Field

Fild Of view With 175mm Objective : 55,36,22,14,9

Fild Of view With 200mm Objective : 63,42,25,16,10

Filter: Build in Heat Absobing Filter And UV Green and Blue Filters With Switchable Facuty

Fine Focusing: 50mm adjustable by manually adjustable (optional motorised )

Floor Stand: Mobil Flooe Stand (optional Table )

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