Surgeon's Stool

Color Many colors
Maximum Height 650mm
Weight Lifting Capacity 150kgs
Input Power 230v,AC/110VAC
Minimum Height 500mm

The Surgeon's Stool in optical settings is meticulously crafted to meet the ergonomic needs of eye care professionals engaged in intricate procedures. It features adjustable height settings, allowing practitioners to achieve optimal positioning relative to their patients and equipment. The stool's ergonomic design minimizes strain on the back and legs, promoting prolonged comfort during extended periods of use.

Key features include:

Adjustable Height and Seat Position: Enables customization to accommodate different practitioner heights and procedural requirements.

Stability and Mobility: Equipped with smooth-rolling casters for easy movement around the examination room or clinic, while ensuring stability during procedures.

Comfortable Cushioning: Offers plush cushioning and upholstery designed for long-term sitting comfort, enhancing practitioner focus and endurance.


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