Retinoscope Dry Cell / Rechargeable

Brand Wellchallyn Us
Material Metal and Fiber
Type Direct
Usage/Application Hospital
Handling Portable
Color Black and Silver
Power 3.5V
Packaging Type Hard Case

The Welch Allyn 3.5v Streak Retinoscope provides superior illumination and is designed for accurate refraction. It features one-hand operation and includes a comfortable rubber brow rest. The retinoscope offers independent rotation and vergence movements for precise control. It allows continuous 360-degree rotation for easy positioning of the streak to determine axis, with smooth vergence movement controlled by a convenient column mechanism. The retinoscope includes a dynamic retinoscopy option with a near fixation target, delivering a bright, well-defined streak that facilitates quick and precise refractions, even in patients with small pupils. A ring rheostat enables smooth control of illumination, providing 2.8 times the brightness of standard retinoscopes. The crossed linear polarizing filter eliminates glare from trial lenses, enhancing exam precision. An external focusing sleeve improves comfort and maneuverability, while sealed optics maintain lens cleanliness for effective examinations.


  • Includes options for both dry cell and rechargeable Ni-Cad handle configurations.
  • Superior streak quality aids in easier and quicker refractions, particularly in patients with small pupils.


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