Digital Phoropter

Brand Matronix
Usage/Application Clinic, Hospital, Laboratory
Power Source DC12V
Control System Touch panel control
Main Body Dimension 377 (L) x 306 (W) x 127 (H) mm
Keyboard Dimension 250 (W) 230 (D) 210 (H) mm
Weight Main body NW 5.3KG, GW. 7.2KG


• The contour design is elegant.
• Colorful screen with fast rotating disk dial.
• Unique cross-cylinder design, convenient and flexible.
• It can be easily used to measure near visual acuity.
• It can be connected with the ARK-7000 refractometer.

Control system Touch panel control
Dimension Main body: Main body: 377 (L) × 306 (W) × 127 (H) mm
Keyboard: 250 (W) 230 (D) 210 (H) mm
Cardboard: Main body: 430 (L) 370 (W) 205 (H) mm
Keyboard: 310 (W) 310 (D) 280 (H) mm
Main body NW 5.3KG, GW.: 7.2KG
Keyboard NW 2KG, GW.: 3.0KG
Source DC12V power

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