EVO 450 Slit Lamp

Magnification 5 step: 6.5X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
Microscope Galilean
Ipd Range 48.5 - 77 mm
Slit Length/Width 0 - 12 mm
Slit Tilt 20°
Weight 24 kg (packed)
Optional Accessories Tonometer, Beam splitter, CC D, Diffuser, Motorized table
Illumination 6V 20W Halogen or 5W LED
Eyepieces WF 12.5X/18 mm, diopter adj. ± 5 mm

the eVO 350 and eVO 450 introduce greater value for the office, thanks to easy adaptation of beam splitter with a built in camera port and focus adjust. this unique configuration of beam splitter keeps the magnichanger’s footprint compact, ensuring comfort for the user and easy parfocalisation of camera with eye tubes. a unique swing in wratten filter makes the system most convenient for optometry. a goldmann tonometer (r-type and t-type) accessory with plug-and-play mounting promises precision in alignment and contact for accurate iOp readings. an optional diffuser filter kit can be introduced in the optical path for more enhanced region-of-interest illumination for brilliant photography.


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