Trial Lens Set Red and Black ( Plastic )

Brand Matronix
Material Plastic
Rim Types Plastic
Coated Type PVC Coated
Number Of Lenses 180
Haptic Shape Circle
Is It Recyclable Non-Recyclable
With Waterproofing no
Spheres Concave Lenses -0.25~ -20.0 Step -0.25
Cylinders Concave Lenses -0.25~ -6.00 Step -0.25
Weight 5.5kg
Color Red Black
Types Basic Trial Set
Spheres Convex Lenses +0.25~ +20.0 Step +0.25
Cylinders Convex Lenses +0.25~ +6.00,Step +0.25

Optical Lens Set (Illuminated) is made of high PLastic quality lenses with group portability of lens. It contains Plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex and bi-conclave. These Trial Lens Sets are used to check the effective power of eye and give an exact report for judging the eye sight.

Coated Type:PVC Coated

Types:Basic Trial Set

Color:Red Black


Rim Types:Plastic

Number Of Lenses:180

Haptic Shape:Circle

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