Vision Drum Dori

Material Plastic & Fiber
Shape Square
Language English
Operation Mode Remote Operated
Chart Types Snellen Chart
Drum Type Distance Vision Drum

The LENSit Vision Drum (Dori) is a portable eye-testing tool designed for ultimate convenience. This compact and lightweight drum features easy-to-rotate hand-held controls, making it perfect for carrying to camps or clinics. With a 6-meter testing range and simple operation, the Dori is ideal for quick and effective vision checks.

The LENSit Vision Drum comes with a Snellen eye chart, the familiar chart used by eye doctors to measure visual acuity. This chart allows you to assess near vision at a distance of 6 meters. This all-in-one kit provides a complete solution for basic vision testing in various settings, from eye clinics and hospitals to small practices and even personal use.


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