Chair Unit Doctor Model

Chair Elevation Stroke 200mm
Power Supply 230V 50/60Hz 5 Amp
Is It Portable Non-Portable
Rotation 180 Cricular
Load Lifting Capacity 135kgs
Seat Height 560 To 760mm+-10mm
560 To 760Mm+-10Mm 875mm
Maximume Area Table Height 1450 1250mm
Back - Rest Motorized
Auxilary Output Auxilary Output
Voltage On Table Supply terminal on the table
Grass Weight 240kgs

Product Description

1. Special integrated design with an optimum addition facility for maximum efficiency in small and limited space.
2. Smooth rotating, well balanced sliding tabletop with ample space for two instruments.
3. Touch activated safety switch to stop inadvertent chair movements.
4. Centralized control console with touchstone keys. Strong Armpole to support a lamp, phoropter, projector and near vision holder. Automatic under-the-table connection for Slit lamp. Control

5. Use of advance technology special designs for maximum efficiency. Elegantly molded, safe and centralized control panel system. Multifaceted control for chair movements.

Fully comfortable rotating chair. Silent CE marked imported DC motor gives smooth up-down and back-forward movement, Adjustable footrest which can be fully raised to sleeping position. Footswitch for full up/down movement control.

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