Indian Model Trial Frame Pd

Brand Matronix
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 9 x 19 x 4 cm ; 200 g
Item Weight 200 g
Pd Scale 24 – 38 mm for both right & left ( Approx)
Nose Height Adjustment Moveable up to 14.5 mm
Usage Clinic

Product Description

The Medik trail frame Clement Clark Skeoch type 4cell with adjustable IPD, curved tiltable sides is a precision-made instrument with aesthetic getup. Each part is fabricated to high technical skills. Tested to meet ophthalmic standards. All parts are anodized/chrome plated to make it durable. Biomedically compatible with skin and non-interfering with the hairdo. The standard diameter of 38 mm, PD adjustable using a sliding bridge mechanism (~50-78mm).


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