Trial Frame

Brand Matronix
Material Plastic
Lens Diameter 28,38
Warranty 6 Month
Weight 0.1 kg
Operation Mode Manual
Handling Non-Portable
Color Yellow,Pink,Blue,Grey

Product Description

PD adjustable range :

52mm,54mm,56mm, 58mm、60mm、62mm、64mm、66mm,68mm,70mm for selection.

■ Axial calibration on each disc:165°~0°~180°~25° axis graduation line runs counter-clockwise along axis graduation line of lens frame, with an interval of graduation line being 5°.

■ The degree that front lens rotates around optic axis inside lens frame:360°

■ Frame temple is fixed


■ Weight:0.1kg

■ Volume:27(L)x18.5(w)x5(H)cm(5pcs/carton)

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