Fully Auto LensEdger

Display 10.4-inchcolorTFTLCD
Dimensions 700*550*750mm
Display Screen touchscreenwithangleadjustable
Netweight 51KG
Grossweight 70KG
Inputvoltage AC220V50Hz
Outputvoltage DC5V4.6A.DC24V4.6A
Powerconsumption 1KW

The Fully Auto LensEdger is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for precision lens cutting and edging in the optical industry. This automated machine streamlines the process of shaping lenses to fit frames with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Key features of the Fully Auto LensEdger typically include:

  • Automation: It automates the entire lens edging process, from initial lens measurement to final polishing, reducing human error and ensuring consistent results.
  • High Precision: Utilizes advanced technology to achieve precise lens shapes tailored to specific frame requirements, enhancing optical performance.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling a wide range of lens materials and designs, accommodating various prescriptions and frame styles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with intuitive controls and software interfaces that facilitate ease of operation and adjustment.
  • Efficiency: Speeds up production times compared to manual methods, making it a valuable asset for optical laboratories and eyewear manufacturers.

The Fully Auto LensEdger represents a significant advancement in optical equipment, combining cutting-edge technology with practical functionality to meet the demands of modern eyewear production.

Maximum numberofe…™ectivelystoredimages :1000pcs

Maximum CuttingDiameter :80mm

Minimum BevelingSize :26mm

Minimum FlatEdgingSize :25mm

Maximum framecenterdistance :100mm

TipEdgePosition :Steplessadjustment(20%-80%)

DiameterofDiamondwheelsgroup :100mm*3


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